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Myths about Cough and Cold in babies

Cough and cold are quite common problems in babies and toddlers and may need paediatric consultation, in case the issue persists for a longer time.

Moreover there are some home remedies which are miraculous but can lead to other side effects. E.g. A few people believe that fruits and raw vegetables can aggravate cough & cold and are hence avoided. Here the child is deprived of the essential vitamins and micro nutrients present in fruits and veggies, which are helpful in recovery and building strong immune system. 

Some other myths:

  • Milk & Curd : leads to bad coughing and fever 
  • Fruit juices : cold nature can lead to tonsils and other throat infections 
  • Fruits & Salads : people avoid fruits (citrus), raw vegetables and salads as it can worsen coughing
  • Rice : it is also considered to be cold in nature
  • Ghee : it creates mucus
  • Bath : bathing is the most common thing which parents avoid

In reality, above mentioned things has nothing to do with cough and cold. In fact few of these things help in speedy recovery from cold. A few examples mentioned below:

  • Milk & Curd : keep it out of the fridge for some time before eating. Curd contains good bacteria which helps developing strong immunity

  • Vegetables : carrots and tomatoes are full of vitamin A and C respectively and can be given in the form of soups

  • Fruits : Apple, orange and berries has vitamin C and are high in fibre. Can give juice during the day time or can make them eat the whole fruit
  • Rice : give them warm and fresh rice, it will never do harm. Only old and cold rice is harmful in cough
  • Ghee : it is most therapeutic dairy product in India. It heals internal injuries, can cure fever and beneficial in cold and cough too
  • Bath : hygiene is the most important thing. Sponge bath is recommended for babies and toddlers can get a proper bath with warm water

For new born babies breastfeeding helps a lot, it has all the nutrients and helps fight cold, cough and fever. Hence frequent feeds are recommended.  

Keep your babies warm and hygienic, make them wear warm clothes and socks during winters, eat healthy and fresh food, and also make sure they take proper sleep.

22 thoughts on “Myths about Cough and Cold in babies”

  1. I totally agree with you on the myths you highlighted on. Sadly it still continues and is over hyped.
    well written article.
    keep up the good work and continue sharing your thoughts.

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